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The Lords of Altamont – March 17, 2010 – Habana Calle 6, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 17th March 2010 in Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Punk

[Los Angeles, CA] I found them through internet radio stations (“Action” and “The Split”) and was pretty excited to see their show – it was immediately apparent that the five guys milling around in long lean black jeans and black pointed boots and black shirts were “The Lords” – their dress code was simultaneously hilariously and effective – as was their music sleazy fast garage punk with big-drama vocals love them – Rockboy heard the Fuzztones in them and it was (sketchily) confirmed that there is a former member of both The Fuzztones and MC5 amongst The Lords – and, the sullen girl on the sideline with long black hair and long black boots and a long black coat jumping to stay warm transformed into a jumping go-go dancer with tremendous breasts only restrained by a black bikini once The Lords got on stage

The Minutes – March 17, 2010 – Habana Calle 6, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 17th March 2010 in Arena Rock, Hard Rock, Pop

[Dublin, Ireland] big sound pop rock that sounds fiercer live – I really liked their tight performance but Rockboy thought they were boring

Wake Up Lucid – March 17, 2010 – Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 17th March 2010 in Blues, Garage Rock, Hard Rock

[Los Angeles, CA] I wanted to see this band because the homecoming (prom?) king of my 5000-person high school is in it but Rockboy had actually listed them as someone he wanted to see through his SXSW research – hard blues rock with garage swagger – vocals and lyrics are genuinely blues inspired – something like The Black Keys, which is a very good thing as far as I\”m concerned

Jay Reatard – December 9, 2009 – Emo’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 9th December 2009 in Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Punk, Thrash

There really is no other musician who has mattered more than Jay Reatard in the last couple of years. I realize I may say this more often than I should, but for Jay Reatard, it\”s the truth. He reins in diverse aspects of rock into a sound that is all his own, a sound that encapsulates the fury and angst of frustrated youth. I envision him as a troubled prodigy who can\”t start enough bands to keep himself sated. His Lost Sounds material is what changed my world, but this night he played his solo material which is similar but less synthy and gothic. A barrage of raw garage punk. Unceasingly intense. Which could have been a boring annoying wall of sound, except that his material is also finely crafted and well executed. The sound was not what you would call crisp or tight, but it didn\”t displease me. The show ended with two audience members jumping on stage and attacking him. Rather than an amusing band antic, it was disturbing and upsetting. Rockboy maintains it was staged, but I maintain that PMS and Jay Reatard being attacked do not go well together.

The Givers – October 26, 2009 – Antone’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 26th October 2009 in Art Rock, Funk, Hard Rock

WomanInCharge, true to form, didn’t invite me to this show (Dirty Projectors) but told me I was going… this band was darling darling darling – smiles washed over the crowd – had the stage presence of Matt & Kim: happy clean jumping dancepunk – the little girl with the long hair in a barrette and the green eyelashes painted under her right eye was fierce and inflamed with a voice that reminded me of Grand Ole Party and maybe CocoRosie – her compatriot guitarist with the 70s fluffed hair matched her energy – lots of drums, a keyboard, a whaw pedal, occasional trumpet, sometimes a saxophone – a synthy disco rock inferno – maintained hyped up stage presence until it was certain that the audience had been saved – they almost outshone the headiners

Tempo Tantrums – October 16, 2009 – Club 1808, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 16th October 2009 in Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Punk

a motley crue for sure and Austin no-names but I thought they were great – a happy-dad keyboardist, a stringy haired lurching ex-hippie lead singer, a punk kid on bass guitar and a slick-guy drummer (smelled like a “session drummer” to Rockboy) – their music reflected these disparate influences – some blend of a garagey, punky, post-punky rock – lots of energy too

The Cult – September 5, 2009 – Stubb’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 5th September 2009 in Arena Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

this is a band that I have never liked – his dramatic voice grates on me – I particularly hate their hit and the song I am most familiar with: “She Sells Sanctuary” – the ticket to this show was bought for me and I underwent two evening sessions of training in the catalogue of The Cult by a long-time devotee of the band, Rockboy – I enjoyed my training – I am now qualified to tell you that while I respect the band-integrity (pre-Rick-Rubin producing) of the earliest albums of The Cult, such as Dreamtime and Love, it is exactly the music that I don’t like from them: wishy-washy romantic dramatic unrock rock – the albums that followed were a surprise to me (such as Electric and Sonic Temple) as I had no idea that The Cult had such music – while I see the transformation intro crunchy AC/DC metal as Rubin-homogenizing-evil and as The Cult becoming very un-Cult, I cannot deny that I quite enjoy those albums more than the early frilly-shirt soaring-sob albums – and so the concert went – they did the Love album in entirety and it was perfect – it was as if we were in the studio but for the dirt under our feet, the sweat and heat, and the most annoying drunk mish-mash packed-in crowd I have ever been in (I was nearly knocked down twice by 2 near-fights between the same 2 ignorant middle-aged obliterated-drunk men) – and then the second set was a selection of hits from their proper metal albums and the crowd went even more wild although it didn’t seem it was possible – Ian Astbury’s voice is undeniably distinctive and high-quality – in the end, the show was tremendous, this band is still not for me, and I felt inexplicably drawn to Ian Astbury – he was round and shaggy-haired and wearing a hoodie with little white insignias on it – he looked all cuddly and accessible – he banged his tambourine and shimmied forward and backward like’s he done this as long as he’s done this – I liked his aura of knowingness and the sort of self-confidence that underlies not having to dress to impress

Supersuckers – July 21, 2009 – Scoot Inn, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 21st July 2009 in Alt-Country, College Rock, Hard Rock, Punk

sported the polish and confidence of a band who has performed for years and years – almost want to write them off as silly party boys but they managed to pull off sunglasses at night, coordinated movements, and holding the guitar up for the audience to worship because they are sincere in their worship of rock and because they can back it up with some really good music – very nearly 3 separate bands within one: they had very tight garage punk songs that were distinguished by short punctuated segments a la The Hellacopters, they had songs that were spot-on expressions of the nichey genre “punk n’ roll,” and they have their country a la Cracker – lots of wah wah pedal too – they’re fun for the whole music family

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth – May 30, 2009 – Emo’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 30th May 2009 in Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash

this was a band that was on our radar during SXSW – we never ended up seeing them though which wasn’t a big deal since they’re local – this too was more of a chance sighting than anything else but I was still disappointed – I expected more psych metal and less screamo – the music was heavy and complicated (good) but the vocals were grating and annoying: too discordant to even be screamo -the lead singer was fascinating though with his spawn-from-the-river-like writhing – noise-rock meets no wave – possibly, possibly it was my own bad attitude and the fact that I should have been in bed.

The Bozo Nightmare Ramrod Boston MA May 27, 2009

Posted by Andrew on 27th May 2009 in Hard Rock, Punk

A supposedly “joke” band, the Bozos were fronted by a straight shirtless guy. The music was more Top Gun than anything, it sounded good and looked good but it was obvious this wasn’t a real band. They headlined for the Burnt Fur on purpose, I heard.

Entertaining but who was left to care.

The Vibrators – May 22, 2009 – Room 710, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 22nd May 2009 in Hard Rock, Punk

Apparently the boy band of punk bands. I was pretty excited for this show for no good reason except I adore “Baby, Baby” and their general take on punk – popped up in the friendly hard rock way – melodified – complexified – hate the emo. When the frat boys’ girlfriends started yelling for “Baby, Baby” I was shamed and had to tame my clapping. But in truth, they were definitively solid and had a wide range of styles. I was surprised at first at how hard they were – but they do have a history of opening for a variety of 70s punk bands, such as Sex Pistols, etc., etc. Plus they’ve been a band for as long as I’ve been alive, just exactly, which is unimaginable: impressive, worrisome. So being a band for 32 years results in impeccable tightness, record-quality polish, and the problem of having to not look bored to death with playing the same songs you’ve played for 30 plus years. They did good. They were enthusiastic and obviously chose the right career path for themselves. The drummer was ignorant and sticking his tongue out at the crowd like a silly pervert – original member of the band. The lead guitarist was not an original member – he was technically good but had a suburban-man-mowing-the-lawn outfit on – fine fine. The lead singer/guitarist was the core of the band but when I realized he was a walking skeleton, I was torn between oh-this-is-real and oh-poor-man. He’s clearly a man easily persuaded by fads – he might as well have been Scott Weiland in his overwrought attempt to stay current and punk. They went from hardcore punk to Oi-ish punk to just hard rock. The crowd was insane but it was basically a pack of extremely drunk cotton-t-shirt boys. Oh, and they were thoroughly British which is always charming. Austin is undergoing the mini punk festival, Chaos in Tejas, and these classic fellows were not included, which made me wary of them, but I think I was lucky to see them, even if they don’t discriminate against melody. Highlights were “Baby, Baby” AND when they covered The Members’ “The Sound of the Suburbs.”

April 22, 2009 – Speeding Ticket – Headhunters, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 22nd April 2009 in Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

like most bands I see at Headhunters, this group was carrying the torch for some decades-old sound without even a touch of irony – I guess this is acceptable for certain sounds – this band was for all intents and purposes a Judas Priest cover band, i.e., not acceptable – the lead singer wore gray jeans with knee-high boots and a flame shirt and was moved by himself

The Gay Blades – March 18, 2009 – Creekside Lounge, Austin TX (SXSW)

Posted by Dara on 18th March 2009 in Hard Rock

12:30pm on a very hot patio. Free tall-boy Lone Stars and Pabst. Lead singer in a long-sleeved red underwear-shirt must have been miserably hot. Once they spoke, I turned to group and said, confidently, “They’re not from America!” WomanInCharge scoffed and said, “Please, they’re from the South – that’s still America.” They were from New Jersey. Just a guitarist/singer and a drummer. Energetic, enthusiastic hard rock. Sometimes post-grunge but best moments were metal-infused. Some rap vocalizing. Liked them. They seemed like regular guys.

Chili Cold Blood – February 27, 2009 – Hole in the Wall, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 27th February 2009 in Funk, Hard Rock, Texas Blues

I am embarrassed that I enjoy this band so much what with their unfair use of everything good in rock and roll: heavy bass lines, groovy blues licks, funky pick-ups, but to their redemption, they’ve also got talent, soul, authenticity, and diversity. At previous shows, they’d been more about the tight hopped-up songs (which they still did), but tonight there was only three band members (lead guitar, pedal steel and drums) and they did some extended intense jams as well as some lighter country numbers (Moonhanger songs?), with both guitarists exchanging vocalizing duties. I like Chili Cold Blood, I cannot lie.

Black Bone Child – February 14, 2009 – Headhunters, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 14th February 2009 in Blues, Hard Rock

uhhh… Chili Cold Blood. Spot on. But a lot slicker and so less appealing, at least to me. They were grinding electric blues with a touch of metal and some harmonica. Sexy boys with sexy guitars. An emo-looking boy sang and performed a blues storm with his slide. The crowd was somewhat cold to them – maybe they were inauthentic (in their contrived get-ups) or maybe the crowd was hipster snooty. Their sound was polished and full, their instruments were glossy and gorgeous, and as much as all of this was good, I got the impression that they were privileged and totally out of touch with what the blues is about.

Motley Crue at the Hard Rock Las Vegas February 7, 2009

Posted by User Reviews on 7th February 2009 in Hard Rock

Of course Crue puts on the best show on Earth, but last night wasn’t like the one they did for the Carnival of Sins at the Hard Rock about 5 yrs. ago I remember. It was doubt, but they didn’t do a few of the ultimate fave songs like Smokin’ In the Boys Room and Too Young To Fall In Love…Vince looked good and trimmed up, happy, sober..very healthy…so did Nikki and Tommy. Mick has that disease and you could tell he was in a lot of pain..I almost cried everytime he came up front to play to the audience…please pray for him…I don’t think he has much time left..really..we saw it in his eyes.. Otherwise…Crue was awesome..very energetic and everyone had a good time..the only thing that sucked was the Hard Rock’s rule about no cameras whatsoever…ya, we all had cell camera phones, but no real cameras…give me a break….that was total bullshit!!!

Cave Dweller – February 6, 2009 – Emo’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 6th February 2009 in Blues, Hard Rock

was initially entranced because they were dead-on Reigning Sound, then I became distracted by the lead singer’s ZZ Top beard and black sunglasses, then I realized that they were the most soulless band I have seen since I don’t remember – I can’t quite pin down the exact origin of their peculiar void of energy though it did remind me of Yo La Tengo when they’re trying to pretend like they don’t give a shit – I fear this is one more indicator of the decline of Emo’s (all of their fabulous bartenders have defected, rumors are afloat of problems about unions, it’s all very worrisome)

Diagonals – February 6, 2009 – Emo’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 6th February 2009 in Hard Rock

pleasing, noise rock that went from poppy to droning, lots of guitar

Screaming Females – October 27, 2008 – Emo’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 27th October 2008 in Hard Rock, Punk, Rock and Roll

a Chronicle-recommended show despite distinctly being non-headliners and they were great, band centers around the wailing tiny female (almost a la Ole Grand Party but with less drama) with shaggy brown hair who was simultaneously playing lead guitar, excellent steamrolling hard rock riffs with plenty of rollick and groove to boot – the songs I liked less slowed down and focused on her voice

Trail of Dead – September 27, 2008 – Beauty Bar, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 27th September 2008 in Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Prog Rock

these unassuming boys put on an intense show, a loud wall of noise though definitely not psych-metal – the meticulous melodies and indie yearning hurtled forward as if on a upward bound rumbling train give them a sound that is quite their own

Megazilla – September 19, 2008 – Emo’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 19th September 2008 in Hard Rock

drum and bass that was so loud and fuzzy that it made my insides hurt in a bad way and I had to step outside

Red X Red M – September 19, 2008 – Emo’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 19th September 2008 in Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash

had pigeonholed this band as brainless hardcore but both the bass and guitar players are superb: fingers flying throughout the entirety of the songs in complicated arrangements, math rock, the bass player had a Munsters look to him that was a nice juxtaposition with the shorter brainiac-metalhead-looking guitar player, there was a drummer too who of course nobody noticed

June 28, 2008: Modey Lemon, Emo’s, Austin, TX

Posted by Dara on 28th June 2008 in Hard Rock, Psychedelic

really liked songs I downloaded from them – diverse vocals, MySpace song selections made me doubt but enjoyed their live show, young hippie thrashers, the last endless song was a fantastic wave of a song

May 16, 2008: Brigitte Handley, Stubb’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 16th May 2008 in Hard Rock

three 2-dimensional girls from Australia, the craziest hairdos I done ever seen – especially the shellacked green bangs, girl cock-rock with lame lyrics such as “freedom of choice,” reminded me of Lita Ford except I don’t listen to her enough to say, only really liked them when the singer would put on a deep voice and sound a little gothic, did like the matte nail polish colored guitars

April 4, 2008: Chili Cold Blood, Jo’s Coffee Shop, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 4th April 2008 in Blues, Classic Rock, Funk, Hard Rock

as good as I remembered, some kind of heavy-riff wah-wah-funk bar blues, from Sabbath to classic rock to, apparently have another band that’s all old country (Moonhangers)

March 15, 2008: Ill Scarlet, Emo’s (Junior), Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 15th March 2008 in College Rock, Dub, Hard Rock, Reggae

Sublime-lite, similar sensibility to O.A.R. – actually stopped to give a motivational speech that he apologized for, rock that verged into pop-punk with reggae/dub undertones

March 14, 2008: The Von Bondies, Emo’s Lounge, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 14th March 2008 in Hard Rock, Modern Rock

have always thought they were the poor man’s White Stripes but they’re much harder and more diversified, the shy girl’s vocals were charming, they were really good but mostly I have a crush on Detroit

March 14, 2008: And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead…, La Zona Rosa, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 14th March 2008 in Hard Rock, Indie Rock

finally got to see this fantastic band, like a train speeding through a desert when they’re good – all drum roll progression, two brother-looking guys exchanged lead vocalist duties, voice could be annoying but it works and is the reason that they are founded in indie rock circa 1980s with hard rock overtones to make it modern, newer songs were more ponderous

March 14, 2008: Soundtrack of Our Lives, La Zona Rosa, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 14th March 2008 in Hard Rock, Psychedelic, Rock and Roll

triumphant stadium rock = The Who, red-suited leg-splitting-in-the-air guitarist turned around and had that very band written on the back of his red jacket, tad more psychedelic and dirty because of very rotund lead singer\”s gravelly voice and occasional moaning, their joyful rock star enthusiasm was contagious but never seemed to lack depth

March 7, 2008: The Love Me Nots, Cheapo Discs, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 7th March 2008 in Garage Rock, Hard Rock

first thought was that this was the reincarnation of Gore Gore Girls, lead singer a cute young rocking girl in a 60s A-line dress playing an authentic 60s keyboard, vampire-gothic girl who made appropriate grimaces as she played bass, much older guitarist whom we presumed to be the inappropriate husband of the lovely lead singer, nondescript drummer, playing to an audience of ten in the back of a record store – two of whom were ancient women – became obvious that the younger of the two ancients was the vampire’s mom and we all melted when the vampire finally smiled – the older of the two ancients bobbed her head like Dr. Dre, the point is that the band was much better than Gore Gore Girls (though similar in sound and feel) – their sound was more complex and subtle and had harder riffs

March 7, 2008: Faceless Werewolves, Waterloo Records, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 7th March 2008 in Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Rock and Roll

the pleasant surprise of the week, the drummer is fantastic: just a girl but so intense and lively and plain good she dominates the stage, flanked by two good guitarists, high quality and engaging and intelligent and driving garage rock

February 10, 2008: Dead Meadow, Emo’s, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 10th February 2008 in Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Trance

the reason we actually came and they too were a top-notch band, more straightforward 70s rock with a healthy dose of blues, pleasing undertone of riff that suited them to the drone theme of the night, reminded me of my favorites The Black Keys, very unassuming attitudes