Chris Toast Trio – February 14, 2009 – Headhunters, Austin TX

Posted by Dara on 14th February 2009 in New Wave, Punk

SPECIAL FIND! They initially seemed to be Stray Cat rip-offs, but quickly emerged to be some psychobilly (the bass!) – new wave – pop punk fusion. Also a much better (and much harder) They Might Be Giants. They were freak nerds who took breaks to act out idiosyncratic scenario-jokes. The key here is: I thought the bassist (in his multi-colored layered socks) was playing guitar for a few songs because he was that fast, to the point that his bass started sounding like jazz, and then I realized he was superb. All of them were talented. Some of their own songs were silly I have to admit (the porn star one…). They covered Devo’s “Girl You Want” early on, revealed that they also have a Devo cover band, and then ended with a phenomenal cover of “Gates of Steel.” The sad point was… after the lead vocalist/guitarist had been rubbing his strings against poles (microphone, wall support, etc.) as his little trick, a girl in the crowd whipped out a slide and extended her finger for a rub, and he denied her… on Valentine’s Day. In the end, this band came off as nuanced, talented, wacky and intelligent – and, upon further research, the band members each have illustrious music histories, mostly punk.

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